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 AFL Fixture 2009

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PostSubject: AFL Fixture 2009   Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:27 pm

Round 1:
Thursday, 19th March
Carlton v Richmond MCG (n)
Adelaide v St.Kilda AS (n)
Saturday, 21st March
Western Bulldogs v Collingwood TD
Geelong v Hawthorn MCG (n)
Brisbane Lions v West Coast G (n)
Sunday, 22nd March
Port.Adelaide v North Melbourne AS
Fremantle v Sydney S
Monday, 23rd March
Melbourne v Essendon TD

Round 2:
Friday, 27th March
Carlton v Geelong MCG (n)
Saturday, 28th March
Collingwood v Brisbane Lions MCG
West Coast v Richmond S
St.Kilda v Fremantle TD (t)
Port.Adelaide v Hawthorn AS (n)
Sunday, 29th March
North Melbourne v Sydney C
Essendon v Adelaide TD
Western Bulldogs v Melbourne MCG (t)

Round 3: (Rivalry Round)
Friday, 3rd April
Collingwood v Richmond MCG (n)
Saturday, 4th April
St.Kilda v Western Bulldogs TD
West Coast v Fremantle S
Adelaide v Port.Adelaide AS (n)
Essendon v Carlton MCG (n)
Sunday, 5th April
Sydney v Brisbane Lions ANZ
Melbourne v Geelong MCG
Hawthorn v North Melbourne TD (t)

Round 4:
Friday, 10th April
St.Kilda v Essendon TD (n)
Saturday, 12th April
Collingwood v Port.Adelaide MCG
West Coast v Melbourne S
Western Bulldogs v Richmond TD (n)
Sydney v Carlton SCG (n)
Sunday, 13th April
Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions MCG (e)
Geelong v North Melbourne SS
Adelaide v Fremantle AS

Round 5:
Friday, 17th April
Collingwood v St.Kilda MCG (n)
Saturday, 18th April
Carlton v West Coast TD
Essendon v Hawthorn MCG
Brisbane Lions v Richmond G (n)
Adelaide v Geelong AS (n)
Sunday, 19th April
Melbourne v Sydney MO
North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs TD
Fremantle v Port.Adelaide S

Round 6: (Anzac Day Weekend)
Friday, 24th April
Richmond v Hawthorn TD (t)
Fremantle v Carlton S (n)
Saturday, 25th April
Essendon v Collingwood MCG
Port.Adelaide v Sydney AS (n)
St.Kilda v Geelong TD (n)
Sunday, 26th April
Melbourne v Brisbane Lions MCG (e)
Adelaide v North Melbourne AS
West Coast v Western Bulldogs S

Round 7:
Friday, 1st May
Carlton v Hawthorn MCG (n)
Saturday, 2nd May
St.Kilda v North Melbourne TD
Fremantle v Melbourne S
Sydney v Essendon ANZ (n)
West Coast v Collingwood S (n)
Sunday, 3rd May
Western Bulldogs v Adelaide TD (e)
Geelong v Brisbane Lions SS
Richmond v Port.Adelaide MCG (t)

Round 8: (Indigenous Round)
Friday, 15th May
Hawthorn v St.Kilda MCG (n)
Saturday, 16th May
Collingwood v Fremantle TD
Port.Adelaide v West Coast AS
Richmond v Essendon MCG (n)
Brisbane Lions v North Melbourne G (n)
Sunday, 17th May
Adelaide v Sydney AS
Melbourne v Carlton MCG
Western Bulldogs v Geelong TD

Round 9:
Friday, 22nd May
Carlton v Collingwood MCG (n)
Saturday, 23rd May
Geelong v Richmond TD
Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs MCG
Port Adelaide v St.Kilda AS (n)
West Coast v Sydney S (n)
Sunday, 24th May
Brisbane Lions v Adelaide G
North Melbourne v Melbourne MCG
Fremantle v Essendon S

Round 10:
Friday, 29th May
Western Bulldogs v Carlton TD (n)
Saturday, 30th May
Adelaide v Collingwood AS
Fremantle v North Melbourne S
Melbourne v Hawthorn MCG (n)
Richmond v St.Kilda TD (n)
Sunday, 31st June
Port.Adelaide v Brisbane Lions AS
Geelong v Sydney SS
Essendon v West Coast TD (t)

Round 11:
Friday, 5th June
West Coast v St.Kilda S (n)
Saturday, 6th June
Richmond v Carlton MCG
Brisbane Lions v Fremantle G (n)
Sydney v Western Bulldogs SCG (n)
Sunday, 7th June
Hawthorn v Adelaide AU
North Melbourne v Port.Adelaide TD
Essendon v Geelong MCG (t)
Monday, 8th June
Collingwood v Melbourne MCG

Round 12:
Friday, 12th June
Carlton v North Melbourne TD (n)
Saturday, 13th June
Richmond v Sydney TD
Fremantle v Western Bulldogs S
Brisbane Lions v St.Kilda G (n)
Adelaide v Melbourne AS (n)
Sunday, 14th June
Hawthorn v West Coast TD (e)
Geelong v Collingwood MCG
Port.Adelaide v Essendon AS

Round 13:
Friday, 19th June
St.Kilda v Carlton MCG (n)
Saturday, 20th June
Melbourne v Port.Adelaide TD
Adelaide v Richmond AS
Collingwood v Hawthorn MCG (n)
West Coast v Geelong S (n)
Sunday, 21st June
Sydney v Fremantle SCG
Essendon v North Melbourne MCG
Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions TD (t)

Round 14: (Split Round)
Friday, 26th June
Carlton v Adelaide TD (n)
Saturday, 27th June
Hawthorn v Port.Adelaide AU
Western Bulldogs v St.Kilda TIO (n)
Brisbane Lions v Essendon G (n)
Sunday, 28th June
Melbourne v West Coast MCG (e)
Fremantle v Geelong S
Friday, 3rd July
Richmond v North Melbourne MCG (n)
Saturday, 4th July
Sydney v Collingwood ANZ (n)

Round 15:
Friday, 10th July
Western Bulldogs v Essendon TD (n)
Saturday, 11th July
Geelong v Adelaide SS
Fremantle v Hawthorn S
Brisbane Lions v Collingwood G (n)
West Coast v North Melbourne S (n)
Sunday, 12th July
Richmond v Melbourne MCG (e)
St.Kilda v Sydney TD
Port.Adelaide v Carlton AS

Round 16:
Friday, 17th July
Hawthorn v Geelong MCG (n)
Saturday, 18th July
Western Bulldogs v Port.Adelaide TD
Fremantle v Richmond S
Melbourne v St.Kilda MCG (n)
Brisbane Lions v Carlton G (n)
Sunday, 19th July
Adelaide v West Coast AS
Collingwood v North Melbourne MCG
Essendon v Sydney TD (t)

Round 17:

Friday, 24th July
Richmond v Collingwood MCG (n)
Saturday, 25th July
North Melbourne v Adelaide MCG
Port.Adelaide v Geelong AS
Essendon v St.Kilda TD (n)
Sydney v Hawthorn SCG (n)
Sunday, 26th July
Carlton v Fremantle MCG (e)
Melbourne v Western Bulldogs TD
West Coast v Brisbane Lions S

Round 18:
Friday, 31st July
Hawthorn v Essendon MCG (n)
Saturday, 1st August
Collingwood v Carlton MCG
Fremantle v St.Kilda S
North Melbourne v Geelong TD (n)
Brisbane Lions v Melbourne G (n)
Sunday, 2nd August
Sydney v Port.Adelaide SCG
Richmond v West Coast MCG
Adelaide v Western Bulldogs AS

Round 19: (Tom Wills Round)
Friday, 7th August
Geelong v Melbourne MCG (n)
Saturday, 8th August
St.Kilda v Hawthorn TD
Port.Adelaide v Fremantle AS
Collingwood v Essendon MCG (n)
West Coast v Carlton S (n)
Sunday, 9th August
Sydney v Adelaide SCG
North Melbourne v Brisbane Lions MCG
Richmond v Western Bulldogs TD (t)

Round 20:

Friday, 14th August
St.Kilda v Collingwood TD (n)
Saturday, 15th August
Carlton v Sydney MCG
Port.Adelaide v Richmond AS
Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne TD (n)
Fremantle v West Coast S (n)
Sunday, 16th August
Brisbane Lions v Geelong G
Adelaide v Essendon AS
Hawthorn v Melbourne MCG (t)

Round 21:
Friday, 21st August
Collingwood v West Coast MCG (n)
Saturday, 22nd August
Hawthorn v Carlton MCG
St.Kilda v Richmond TD
Brisbane Lions v Sydney G (n)
Adelaide v Port.Adelaide AS (n)
Sunday, 23rd August
Melbourne v Fremante TD
Geelong v Western Bulldogs SS
North Melbourne v Essendon MCG (t)

Round 22:
Friday, 28th August
St.Kilda v Port.Adelaide TD (n)
Saturday, 29th August
Western Bulldogs v West Coast TD
Essendon v Brisbane Lions MCG (t)
Sydney v North Melbourne SCG (n)
Richmond v Geelong MCG (n) (7:40 Start)
Sunday, 30th August
Carlton v Melbourne TD
Fremantle v Adelaide S
Hawthorn v Collingwood MCG

Games to Look Out for in 2009:

Season openers (Round 1):
Carlton v Richmond MCG (n)
Adelaide v St.Kilda AS (n)

Grand Final Replay (Round 1):
Geelong v Hawthorn MCG (n)

Classic Rivalry (Round 3):
Collingwood v Richmond MCG (n)
Essendon v Carlton MCG (n)

The Eagles to take on ex-skipper Judd, only this time in Melbourne (Round 5):
Carlton v West Coast TD

Big Anzac Day:
Essendon v Collingwood MCG
Port.Adelaide v Sydney AS (n)
St.Kilda v Geelong TD (n)

Indigenous Round (Round 8):
Richmond v Essendon MCG (n)

(Round 12):
Geelong v Collingwood MCG

Double Header at the MCG on Saturday Night (Round 22):
Essendon v Brisbane Lions MCG (t) (4:40 Start)
Richmond v Geelong MCG (n) (7:40 Start)
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AFL Fixture 2009
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