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 Forum Rules - Please Read before posting

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - Please Read before posting   Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:38 pm

Below you will find a list of the rules that we set for this forum. Any breach of these rules will be punished.
If you are considering joining the forum, please read the following rules.
Members; It is highly recommended that you read these rules before you start to post. If you haven't read the rules, you may accidentally break a rule without realizing it. Whereas if you have read the rules, you will know what you can and cannot do, so the chances of there being a misunderstanding decreases greatly.


Do not spam/flood the forum. Spamming, aka useless posting that just takes up time and space, is not allowed. Before you hit the 'send' button, ask yourself if it is really worth posting. Remember; Its not about the amount of posts you have that counts, its the quality of what is in your posts.

Do not double post. Posting twice in a row (unless separated by a twelve hour gap), is not allowed. If you have posted, and then realize you have made a spelling error, or need do add something to your post, please use the edit button. If you accidentally post the same message twice in a row, please delete one of your posts.

No abuse. We understand that people may have disagreements from time to time, and we know that some people express their opinion strongly, and that's fine. However, when it gets to the stage that all that is being posted is nothing but abuse, this will ensure a ban.

No Racism. We are very strict on this rule. People from different countries have access to this forum, so do not post any racist remarks whatsoever. Offenders will be banned permanently on the very first sighting.

No disrespecting staff members. Remember, they are not machines, they are human too! And at the end of the day the day, they are only trying to make this forum a better place.

Please refrain from SMS talk. While the occasional 'u' or 'r' is allowed, please try to not use SMS talk as much as you can. Please try and capitalize your posts properly and use correct grammar when needed.

Okay post:
Hey, are you skating tonight?

Bad post:
ey u sk8in 2nite

No spam advertising. Advertising through PM, your signature, or your avatar is strictly prohibited. PM's (Private Messages) are completely private, however, ideally, an honest member (also known as a good member), will report the PM to a staff member, and the situation will be dealt with.

Use the search bar. Before posting a new topic, please search, and make sure the topic doesn't already exist. Multiple topics just take up time and space. You will be warned if caught.

No Pornography. This one is very self-explanatory. There is a time and a place for pornography, and believe it or not, it is not on a public message forum, well, at least not on this forum.

No offensive material. Please do not post any material that may be considered offensive to others. Remember, if you wouldn't like to read it, please to not post it on the forum.

Be polite when asking something. Always try and sound polite and approach the situation professionally when you are asking something.

Avatar Rules:
avatar may not contain any pornography, or offensive material. You
cannot put anything in your avatar that you would not put up on the
forum. Your avatar may not be larger than 130 x 130 pixels.

5 Day Ban
30 Day Ban
Permanent Ban
are the bans that you may receive, if you violate any of these rules,
considering on the seriousness, you may receive any of them.

General User Information & Advice.
1. When posting, make sure it is in the correct forum, and has appropriate detail, and content.
When replying, think of an appropriate response and don't respond
because you can, respond when you have something worth saying. Make
sure everything is readable and makes sense before clicking the send
3. Read all sticky and announcement topics, they usually have important information in them.
If you find yourself in a unfavorable situation whereby you or another
has broken the rules, leave your posts alone and do not edit them,
report the topic through the report button in the post frame. This will
alert the moderating team.
5. Do not diffuse situations yourselves, report the problem, and let our staff handle them.
6. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
7. When posting, be polite, a polite post will get more results, especially when you are requesting something.

Should you have any questions about the rules, please send me a PM, or, post your question in the Help & Support forum.

Thank you.
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Forum Rules - Please Read before posting
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